Normandin Beaudry

remun academy, the new compensation training tool for university students specializing in human resources management.

True to life! remun academy makes it possible to perform comparative analyses using real market data for a sample of benchmark jobs.

remun academy will be a solid complement to your professional compensation training.

This database is a segmented extract of remun data from the past few years. Data from remun academy therefore partially reflects market practices. It has academic value and can be used for academic purposes only.

Because the information contained in remun academy is the property of Normandin Beaudry, students must agree to comply with certain terms of use.

Terms of use

Users may use the remun academy tools and print documents for academic purposes, provided that they do not publish, copy or retransmit the printed content;

Beyond this limited permission to print content, users may not copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, upload or transmit to anyone any content from these tools or documents in any form or by any means whatsoever;

Users will be provided a password for the restricted access website, and will be required to keep this password confidential;

Users are strictly prohibited from disclosing their password to anyone.

Connection-related information and instructions will be provided to you by your professor as part of your compensation course at the time of the session. Please speak to your professor if you have any questions.

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